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My Account has been developed by the Town of Purcellville as a free job listing service to local businesses and residents in order to provide a forum for employers to post employment opportunities and for applicants and job seekers to find and be matched to positions of interest.

Job Seekers 

The job categories on the left show the categories for which jobs are currently posted. You may click on any category to see jobs in that category. To see all jobs click View Current Jobs. Jobs will be presented in alphabetical sequence by Job Title. You may also view jobs in sequence by Date Posted (newest first) by clicking on the Date Posted column title. To return to the Job Title sequence, click on the Job Title column title. To see a particular job, click view job. On the view job page you will able to print the job and/or return to the job listing page or the Home page.

Employer Information 

Employers wishing to post jobs on must first be approved by the Town of Purcellville. The approval process begins with the employer completing the Employer Information form. The Employer Information form can be accessed by clicking Employer Enrollment. The submitted Employer Information form will be reviewed by the Town's Human Resources Specialist. The employer will be notified by an e-mail from the Town indicating approval/disapproval to post jobs on Purcellville Jobs. A factor for approval is possession of a valid business license.

After the completed form is submitted for approval, the employer will receive a system ID (username) and password via e-mail. Until the employer is approved, the system ID (username) and password will only allow the employer to update the Employer Information form. After the employer is approved the system ID (username) and password will authorize the posting of jobs. Until an employer is approved the Terms of Use will have to be agreed to with each visit to PurcellvilleJobs.

To complete an Employer Information Form for approval click Employer Sign-Up.

To update an already submitted Employer Information Form, place your system ID (username) and password in the appropriate boxes at the top of this page and click Employer Sign-Up.

Posting Jobs 

To post a job an employer must be approved. See Employer Information in previous section.

To post a new job or change/delete an existing job click Job Posting.

Terms of Use 

A disclaimer must be agreed to by both employers and job seekers before they can access the site. The first time you attempt to access the job listings, or apply for enrollment as an employer, you will be brought to the disclaimer page which details the site's Terms of Use. You must check the box that states "____ I affirm that I have read and that I am completely familiar with the USER CONTENT AND SITE TERMS OF USE for Purcellville Jobs and that I accept and agree to abide by all terms, conditions and restrictions contained therein." before you can continue to your destination on the site.